Film Education

Acting Tips

1. Feel truthfully

2. Don’t pretend but actually perform activities on screen like actually reading a

newspaper not pretending to read one.

3. Connect and respond to your co-actor

4. Know your Character Arc and the Super Objective

5. Break down a scene into smaller simpler parts

6. Developing your own instrument – observation, imagination, memory

7. Being in control of your Emotions

8. Knowing your true self

9. Creating as an Artist should be the high in acting

10. The Clothes you wear make you feel the charcter

11. The props can help you comment on your character or an emotion

12. The difference between stage and film acting

– toned down, the camera as audience, the filmmaking process shapes the performance

13.  Character movement expresses emotion

14. The camera is not just a black hole but your silent lover

15. The Body and Mind are connected. Use the connection


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Greatly defined simple rules for perfecting acting!
Just these basic principles need to be conquered (=

Comment by anisha

Glad it was useful to you. Yes perfecting them can take a lifetime 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

can you explain me hindi this tips

Comment by sandeep


Comment by Sanjeeb Sanjeeb

Call me

Comment by oorvazi

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