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NFAI and FTII Film Appreciation course, Pune: Review
A four-week full-time course held annually from the past three decades.


The Film and Television Institute of India, FTII is an institution for film education in India since 1960, which is the year of its establishment on the erstwhile Prabhat Studio premises at Pune. The National Film Archive of India NFAI was established in February, 1964 as a media unit of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India whose mission is to safeguard the heritage of Indian Cinema for posterity and act as a centre for dissemination of a healthy film culture in the country. Both there organizations join hands to conduct the film appreciation course. FTII offers its expertise in film education and NFAI offers its vast archive of films from India and around the world and its very well stocked film library headed by Mrs Joshi who is a wonderful person who nurtures your love for learning and books.  The course and these two institutions are one of the most respected and hold an important place in film education even today. But I feel the golden age of film education with teachers like Ritwick Ghatak must be something else to experience and sit in a class with fellow talented students who latter on became great artists in their own right.

Course Timings: The 4 weeks do have a busy timetable. Your day starts at 9:30 am and ends at app 12 midnight. Towards the end of the course the grueling schedule might bother you.

Academic Approach: The course seems to follow more of an academic approach rather than a more practical approach. The style of teaching is also not very encouragingly interactive. But it is informative and does expose you to a lot of Indian and International films.

Faculty: Usually there is a diverse mix of lecturers including film personality guest interaction. Suresh Chabria and Gayatri Chatterjee are knowledgeable and their lectures are usually informative. Among the other lectures a special mention should be made of K Hariharan, Ranjani Majumdar. But it depends on the current year’s selection. A very brief introduction is given about the filmmaking process itself and does not cover an in-depth knowledge of same.

Course content: World cinema and Indian cinema including regional cinema and documentary films are covered in the course and quite a few films are shown in the duration of the course. At an average of two film screenings a day. The history of cinema and being exposed to film classics is a highlight of the course

Hostel and Food: The accommodation is not 3 star ofcourse, its what you would expect a hostel in India to be, and the rooms are on a triple or twin sharing basis, the toilets are usually outside the room with a common toilet for each floor. But it does depend on where exactly you are being offered a room as certain aspects might be better off in a particular campus. But this is a good opportunity to experience hostel life and hostel food if you have not, which is not so bad but do feast on the variety of eateries in Poona. To mention a few the Hamburger roadside stall just outside FTII is very famous with the locals and a must try besides the cold coffee which is down the lane, much better than the fancy Barista and Café Coffee day, but those options are also available very close to the campus. Then there is the Maggie stall and pavbhaji and not to forget the home made food from the Punjabi dhaba.

Admission: The course is conducted once a year and there is no guarantee that if you apply you will get admission. Many applicants are rejected a number of times but that should not necessarily be the reason to judge that you are not qualified for the course.


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i like the info published, very helpful to aspirants who are usually in doubt and gives an insight with details as to what to expect, please link it to facebook/orkut or if you allow me i will be glad to do it for you, cause there are a lot of FTII aspirants who are connected on facebook and orkut. various groups are also created to help out and this is indeed a helping hand to all.
thanks for the info, looks like i can plan out to apply myself this year.
P.s: i like the admission column, its exactly what you have to tell yourself when you don’t get through. “its not what you lack, its just your luck!”

Comment by vivek

Thanks so much Vivek for your feedback and am so happy its useful.If its not there on facebook and other such communities do add it as a link and kindly send me the link on my email id too !

Thanks for your concern and thoughtfulness.

Comment by oorvazi

I want to know when the sound designing course will start? i want to do that course in ftii pune.

Comment by Dipshankar

Sorry Dipshankar
I do not represent FTII. That you would need to find out from FTII itself.

Comment by oorvazi

Nice post…Thank you for sharing some good things!!

Comment by tiffany and co

Thanks ! glad you enjoyed reading it

Comment by oorvazi

Nice write up. congrats. Any idea about how many applications they are getting ever year? It will be good if you write “outcome the course”. In the age of internet why one should go and learn theory? is this a good course for networking opportunity? do they have any alumni association for this course?

Comment by Ankur

Hi Ankur!
Thanks for your feedback to my post.
I do not know the exact number of applications but I am sure its more than what they can take as every time there are people who are rejected the reason is something like they have specific seats per city so if it exceeds that then someone from another city will be given a chance.

Like any course you do network and meet people with similar interests but then its about your luck how dynamic and interesting are your batchmates.

I agree that in the age of the internet information is available on your fingertips but then in the age of books too information was available. Its different to attend a class, if the teacher is good, you can get insights faster and it could be simplified. Besides also if the teacher is trusted the credibility of the teacher exists. And unlike a book you can have active learning, the book does not answer your questions 🙂 but not all teachers do either.

The longer FTII courses do seem to have alumni associations but I dont know if the FTII film appreciation batches specifically have a umbrella association. Should look into it actually.

Hope I have answered some of your questions.

What do you do Ankur, where are you based?

Comment by oorvazi

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


Comment by Vastupsense

very nice and informative post sir…

Comment by Anurag

hey…nice post…could you please describe the course content in a bit detail please…things like no. of working days in a week,
no. of teaching hours,
strength of the batch,
an example of what a day at the course would comprise of &
quality of teaching and credibility of the teachers.
Thank You.
Take Care.

Comment by Aniruddha Mokashi

a) the course is 6 days a week, sundays off
b)teaching hours is usually three sessions
9:30 am to 11 am
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
then you have 2 film screenings
at 5:45 pm and 9: 15 pm
c) batch size 50 – 60 students
d) credibility of the teachers is good
and you have guest lectures and discussions with some filmmakers usually

I think I have answered your questions to my best abilities !


Take care

Comment by oorvazi

thanks for the information sir.. Really helpful.. Can u throw light on any other such courses offered? In delhi, maybe!

Comment by Shray gupta

You address me as Sir? I am a lady Shray Gupta.Kindly correct the gender in your mind, my pictures are on my blog.

Glad you found the information useful.

I don’t know specifically of any course in Delhi at this point in time.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation


i have also applied this yr and waiting for this yr,could u pls how exactly this course helped you in terms of knowledge both in context in practical and theory,

as in m curious if this course can be substituted with hectic movie watching thr torrent and reading thr google

wits ur opinion

thanks in advance


Comment by rahul

The course is good and cannot replace watching movies on torrent and reading on google.

It gives you exposure to the evolution of cinema and various movements in cinematic history. You see many films. And meet like minded people. You get references to significant books and the FTII and NFAI library is open for you.

I dont know about the course content this year, I heard its not handled by Suresh Chabaria this time.

All the best !

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

ohh.. i am sorry maam.. dint notice that! apologies..
i was wondering what’s the last date to inform about the course, if u know. Coz the course is starting on may 16 and i havnt recieved any notice regarding that till now. does that mean i am not selected?
thanks for reply.. 🙂

Comment by Shray gupta

Shray! Why don’t you ring up FTII and ask them, they should tell you.

Also this year the course is not organized by Suresh Chabaria I heard.

Also don’t be disappointed if you are not selected try next time. Reasons given in my article above. And see more world cinema in the meanwhile.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Hi Oorvazi

Thanks for the info,very useful & informative article
I am afraid last date to apply for this year’s course has been lapsed.I am still trying to apply for it through one of its Alumni.
Would like to stay connected!!

Best Wishes:-)

Comment by Shikha

Hi Shika!

Thanks so much for your response to my article and glad that it was useful.

Ofcourse please stay connected.

Tell me more about what you do maybe on my email.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation


Can you please tell me what the eligibility criteria for this course is. I read somewhere that you have to be a mass comm student or a journalist or a communication related profession. Is this true?

Comment by yashwant garud

where did you read that there is a eligibility criteria, kindly quote it. To my knowledge there is no such criteria and it was about the interest on the subject. They would like to promote it to professionals related to the field but its not limited to them

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Informative post but the FTII website does not have the course details. So i was wondering how could i apply ? This seems to be the right time for me. Kindly share if you have any details. Thanks.

Comment by Ankur Pathak

Ankur Hi!

the NFAI and FTII course in Film Appreciation is usually once a year in May – June. Try calling the NFAI office for more details.

Where are you based ? And what is your profession if i may ask or are you a student ?

There are film appreciation courses conducted by institutions in different parts of the world and maybe you should try keeping a track on that.

This is a mention of the one in Calcutta
Apply online for the “FFSI Film Appreciation Course” organized by the Federation of Film Societies of India on 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th March 2012 (Saturdays & Sundays, 3.00-8.00 PM) at Nandan-II: the Film Center, Kolkata.

Good to hear from you, all the best

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation


i’m interior designer, but i have interested on Set design course in FTII.Pune
can you provide me good information…..

Comment by Nataraj

Hi !Nataraj, when we talk of cinema what you would say is ‘art direction’ or ‘production design’ which is a head under whcih set design would be part of . This is a person who would be responsible for the entire look of the film including locations and props.

To answer your question, hope its helpful. All the best

FTII – Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Art Direction and Production Design

Pre requisites required : Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture/ Painting /Applied Arts / Sculpture/ Interior Design in or any related field in the Fine Arts or an equivalent qualification 12

Comment by oorvazi

After applying to FTII for the FAC-2012, I got some freelance projects. So even after getting the initial confirmation, I was little confused about joining the course. It is then, I found these very detailed posts about the FAC and an interview with Indranil Bhattacharya. It certainly cleared the entire picture about the course and its objective and helped me deciding to join in. Without this information and the positive reply on the phone I would have not joined this course. Thank you very much.

Comment by arjav

Thats great ! so happy my humble blog was useful and i am sure Indranil will make your time very well spent. All the best.

Comment by oorvazi

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