Film Education

What is Film Appreciation

What is Film Appreciation

To be able to appreciate there needs to be an ‘understanding’ and that is what film appreciation is all about for me. To help you understand the key dynamics of what film is made up of – technology, art, industry. The next stage of the process hopefully would be to reflect on it and to appreciate it.

To look back at the history of cinema is important as there lies the story of the evolution of the language of cinema. To really understand what contemporary cinema is made up of we need to look at what went before because on the foundation of the past is based the present and the future.

The language of cinema is universal which crosses all boundaries. Cinema has been influenced by various artists, countries, innovators, art forms, businesses and the coming together of these forces creates something unique which is cinema as we know it today. Understanding these contributions makes the study of cinema more interesting and valuable.

‘Film Appreciation’ is a humble attempt to make you aware of the potential of cinema and empower the artist and audience aiming towards a more enriching experience.

Oorvazi Irani


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Comment by manoj kumar

Your work is really appreciatable. Film appreciation brings wide knowledge over film making, story telling pattern and concept involved in it. People who wants cinema as a subjective medium will find film appreciation as a sister concern to cinema. It not only motivates the film maker to work more and more perfection but also uplift the taste of the audience and make them believe “Cinema is a Language”.

Comment by Balaraman T C

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