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Hi, I used to do theatre with my mother in childhood .
10 years with different mumbai theatre groups ,mainly IPTA.
23 serials are on my credits, “Mamta’ ,”Sarathi” “Tara’ ‘Droupadi”,”Mujhe dore koyee khiche’ ” Trikal’,”Waqt ki raftar’,”Maharana pratap’ and many more….
Few advs with good houses.
one book of poetry is published “Khuda Se Khud TaK’
Recites my poetries and my father Shri Sharad Joshi ‘s work all over India and abroad.

Acting in Cinema vs Acting in Theatre

A million dollar thought once again put up for discussion.

I would like to express my views as I believe acting is all about conviction with the right kind/amount of energy …… which ever medium you choose.

The stage gives complete liberty to an actor to incorporates his 100%, though there is a limitation in cinema, but I feel its just the technical aspect ,as soon as you cross that barrier you enjoy the same kind of excitement and completion in it .

‘The right look’ is very important for cinema but for the theatre a good actor can transcend himself to all possible boundaries …..and the instant reaction of audience gives a good kick to an actor and that  energy or faith of the audience work instantly on their subconscious and make their further journey easier ……esi liye bade kahte hai ki pahle theatre seekho phir aana………the basic body posture training can be learnt from theater ,voice projection etc. Still the soul performance comes from within ,which either you have it or you keep on learning….  what you learn from life is what you reflect in your work…… phir log kahte hai oh oh actor badhiya hai…

My mother did some great work in theatre but as nothing is preserved no one knew about it……in films you are registered for centuries. Theatre groups should keep the visual recording of their good plays and great actors, it will help the next generation.

I saw a great play in my childhood Mahabhoj with excellent performance by Mahonar bhai, Uttara Bavkar and Surekhaji. I wish it was recorded, the kind of electrifying energy they crated on stage , was worth watching even today, some how they missed out a little in films……..I don’t know why.

End of the day what counts is how well is the script written, how is your role in it and how much capacity you and your director  have to cultivate it.

I think, in cinema with little carefulness for your body, facial expression and awareness you can do all at ease, and in theatre too…it is all about what you are. Both the mediums are great as long as you are enjoying doing it ….and people enjoying watching you…

Neha Sharad

SBI Film Appreciation Course Guest Participant  2008


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Very thought provoking! Awesome! I met some IPTA actors last week ans now I can understand what she wants to say.

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

Great! Agastya
Thanks for your feedback. Plan to continue this topic discussion with more actors and directors in the near future!

Comment by oorvazi

Nice article. One important point that has been mentioned is that the theatre performances are not recorded and thus we are losing out on some jewel performances every day. Sad but true.
Quite in contrary to the common perception that film and theatre are two ‘totally’ different ball games,the fact that the actor gets complemented with the experience of both, has been beautifully stated in this article.
Ingmar Bergman, along with his actors, who had spent a considerable amount of time on stage, had merged the two mediums, in his films and took them to a new level. Such an effort is the need of the hour.
Thanks Neha! Thanks Oorvazi Ma’am!

Comment by sowrik

And Thanks Sowrik for reading it 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

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