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Pather Panchali: A Poem inspired by the film

Pather Panchali

Aunt’s Death
On the way home
I saw your, Snow White hair …
Daylight taking away your shine
Your faint smile disappearing in Nothingness;
A serious fight of deprivation – – – –
Deprived me – of you …
Durga in Appu’s memory
Running through the dancing fields
Chasing the moving train
We rushed to the tall tree in Rain
— Then I saw your fragile body,
Dark face, full of Pain
Touch of the necklace thrown
Haunts me in Vain – – –
Oh my dear fallen leaves – – –
of the summer of my life
Down the Memory Lane.

– Swati Vaidya

Film Appreciation Course participant May 2010


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Lovely poem…enjoyed reading it.

Comment by slpmartin

Lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the feedback

Comment by oorvazi

Dear Oorvazi,
Thanks for uploading the poem. I am surprised to see my photo! Don’t you think its too big? I would rather have only your photo on this blog. My dear you are really sweet.
Thanks again for re-igniting my love for good cinema.

@slpmartin, thanks for your valuable comment.

– Swati.

Comment by Swati Vaidya

🙂 You are part of my Film Appreciation family and no I don’t feel the picture is tooooo big. Its nice. It gives me great joy in my humble capacity to be able to re-ignite your love for good cinema.What more can I ask for

Comment by oorvazi

Brings the film to life.

Comment by Jal

Lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for your feedback.

Comment by oorvazi

Simply Gr8!

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

How sweet 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

“Touch of the necklace thrown
Haunts me in Vain”


Comment by Shalaka Pradhan

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