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Exclusively designed and conducted for Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute for the first time in India

“I use to find it difficult to cry for a scene but now its so easy”

“I don’t have to fight with my real girlfriend anymore in my imagination”

“It was sometimes difficult to have romantic feelings for boys in a class exercise but not anymore”

The joy of sharing a new technique with aspiring actors was a lovely experience and receiving their feedback was satisfying.

As an artist I am fascinated by the artform of acting where its ‘you’ who are the artwork itself. You are the creator, the medium and the effect. Ofcourse at times the process is very challenging but its important to remind ourselves that we have two paths to choose from,  one that leads to self destruction and the other that leads to evolution and I ofcourse choose to emphasize the latter.

Chekhov acting training created by Michael Chekhov is one of the most modern acting training techniques internationally and has been adopted by leading Hollywood actors like Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt etc. among others

Oorvazi Irani in action with the KNK acting batch

This training technique allows you to experience your Infinite Self.

Its a transformation beyond your limited self using techniques like  Psychological Gesture, Sensations, Imaginary Body, Imaginary Centres … and creating a wide range of characters and emotions with the basic tools of your body and imagination.


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Although one has read the legends about the acting technique and its implications / applications before, this makes me want to attend your workshops, to experience in first person what this tranformational technique is all about… Congrats and Keep Up the good work.

Comment by Kartick

Thanks for the encouraging feedback. Will surely keep in touch and explore possibilities. Thanks again for your support and interest in my work 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

you have whetted my appetite for this technique- would like to learn more about it

Comment by hemant m

WOW 🙂 Nice to know ! More soon

Comment by oorvazi

Dear Oorvazi,
I was impressed by your introductory session on Chekhov Acting Method during FA Course in May 2010.

This technique is perhaps an off the beaten track method, but wonderfully promising. I am very happpy for you being able to conduct it for the first time in India.

Thanks a lot to Mr. Kishor Namit Kapoor for that. All the best to your passion for teaching FA and now Acting!

Comment by Swati Vaidya

THANKS for your lovely feedback ! Yes this technique is off the beaten track and has promise.

Kishoreji is my ‘Sun’ he always nurtures things that are good and need to grow with his loving warmth and encouragement. And yes a big thanks to him to share my passion for the technique and make it a reality and reach out.

Comment by oorvazi

Isn’t this a pioneering effort by any acting school? It is a privilege for your students to experience this unique course. Do write a blog comparing others like Stanislavsky etc.

Comment by Indu Raman

🙂 Thanks so much Indu for your feedback. Will surely think of such a post in the near future.

Comment by oorvazi

2 of my all-time fav actors use this technique then it just has to be good… :)…KNK students must actually feel lucky that they are getting to learning this technique. The Outside-in concept of the technique is very interesting.
@Oorvazi Ma’am
More power to you!

Comment by Rasik

🙂 Thanks so much My Dear !

Comment by oorvazi

amazing, pls tell us more!

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

Sure ! very soon. Thanks for your feedback and interest

Comment by oorvazi

Brilliant! Wish to join someday.

Comment by Premendra Mazumder

:)Thanks for your feedback ! Exciting journey ahead

Comment by oorvazi

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