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August 2010

Routine? keep in touch with all the arts/life/nature/friends as much as possible..including always perfecting the art of riding

Some thoughts on creativity.

By Navroze Contractor, August 2010

Basically, creativity is the ability to generate innovative ideas and manifest them from thought into reality. The process involves ‘original’ thinking and the producing it in one form or the other, could be plastic arts, visual arts, performing arts, writing and of course, since we are on that forum, in cinema.

I put ‘original’  in brackets because I feel it is a hugely over used term and I am almost convinced that there is really nothing original. It is said that all forms are in nature. When you learn art, it is said all forms are in the human figure and so it is drawn over and over again for centuries. The starting point then for me is to be humble and not make claims that may insult or tread on the feet’s of earlier masters.

The most creative phase in life is in childhood when nothing has conditioned our minds, we have no history to refer to and everything viewed and heard is NEW. But this stage remain for a very short while as our mind develops and begins to absorb sounds, sights, touch and taste. As soon as this happens the mind collects data that we begin to refer to unconsciously.

To each, some senses grow bigger than the others. As the body motors begin to coordinate, those senses begin to ooze out through them, manifest them to some reality. If a child’s sense of hearing is intense, his vocal abilities grow faster. If the visual senses are awakened earlier it could manifest in the hands being able to draw, emote etc.

It is true that more the child is ‘exposed’ the more creative they will be. If exposed to ‘artistic’ environment there is a greater possibility of focus on that. If a child is exposed to a lot of hardship the creative juices will flow towards innovating ways to making a better life. And, creativity is the search to finally how you solve a problem. And in both cases, it may not be true at all.

Once a field is ‘chosen’  it entirely depends on how much ‘relish’ is within, and how much ‘relish’ a teacher imbibes in us. A curiosity lies within us that need nourishment and it only comes with the ‘relish’ we have for our subject. The more we read, the more we see, the more we hear the fuller our reference library becomes. The information is stored and we process it to enable our work that is ‘knowledge’. The most successful creative people are those who love what they do the most. It could be anything, arts, science, business..whatever.

For me, personally the most creative activity is any performing arts. It is here they are judged on the spot, by a few hundred discerning people. There is no second chance, no time for re edit, re think and re do. All other arts, the artist works where having the time and space to constantly change the work till complete satisfaction, but not to a musician or a dancer.

As my teacher Laszlo Kovacs said very often: ‘When you are ready to take the shot, remember, it becomes history’. This is not there for a performing artist. Their burden starts when the stage lights turn on.



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Loved the piece…Mr. Contractor is so correct when he says that the most successful creative people are the ones who love what they do.
Really appreciate your constant effort Oorvazi to enlighten us on various subjects realted to art and cinema! Thanks a ton 🙂

Comment by Shweta

Love you 🙂 Yes my humble efforts will be on for my FA family and hope you all reach your individual peaks and self actualize and may the process be fun, mysterious and rewarding! All the best

Comment by oorvazi

ib main kya bolun bade wade log ke beech mein. just a line I used to write in my showreel ke Creativity is something which cannot be bounded by any parameter!

thanks 4 sharing this amazing article.

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for your valuable feedback and contribution.

Comment by oorvazi

I love the fact that this piece is an insightful, well rounded perspective on creativity and the creative process… Great!

Comment by Alzeyne

Welcome aboard my loved one! Thanks so much for your valuable feedback.

Comment by oorvazi

Its always nice to read about and from Navroze Sir. Really enjoyed the article. Thanks Oorvazi ma’am. 🙂

Comment by Samir Khilari

My Pleasure dear! If you meet Navroze he is really fun and so exciting to be with.

Comment by oorvazi

Excellent write up, beautifully articulated as well. I agree that childhood is possibly the best possible time to get started since the mind is unspoiled. At the same time creating an environment where he/she can freely ponder is so very important. More than often parents force their child to choose or look at the direction they seem fit.

Comment by anindya

Anindya, thanks for your response and happy to know it found a connect, also would love to know about your face to face experience with creativity 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

In the second paragraph already I liked very much this essay because one can not enough emphasize the misuse of originality.
My field is visual art. Of cinema or theater I have no idea.
But in general all creativity can be seen on the same line. I agree altogether that all forms are in nature and there is really nothing original and of course we have to be humble since all we got comes from above… But on the other hand it is the task of the artist to create, something very interesting has to be made coming out of his thinking brain or better, intuition.
We better not call it original or new but it should be striking and nice.
Of course copying and plagiarism is odious
We always will meet this horror.
But modest, really creative people who are happy and hard working never will copy.
Their work is their happiness!

Thank you Oorvazi!

Comment by Henk van Putten

Henk van Putten,
Lovely to hear from you after so long. Thank you for your kind response and sharing your valuable thoughts on the subject and glad the article interested you.
Love and warm regards to you and your lovely wife

Comment by oorvazi

My dear Oorvazi, Agnus passed away September 8th 2010
I failed to inform everybody. I miss her every day.
love, henk

Comment by Henk van Putten

I am so sorry to hear that. It is very sudden and shocking. You’ll made such a lovely couple. May her soul rest in peace. Take Care. Love

Comment by oorvazi

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