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August 24th 2010

Creativity was at first considered only the prerogative of God as only God could create because it was perceived that ‘to create’ meant to create from nothing some thing entirely new, the notion of something miraculous, something in the divine realm. With time this perception changed radically man was also accepted to have the divine power to create, to bring into being something absolutely new from nothing. The proof of this in true if we just look around us, today modern living is indeed miraculous.

How can one be creative. How to create not how to be innovative. No doubt one can be creatively innovative and hence innovation is also creative, but can we be God-like and create something absolutely new from nothing – yes we can.

Therefore essentially creativity is that process that is a quantum leap from the known into the unknown – the reclaiming of the unmanifest or the ability of being able to bring about a result where the unmanifest transforms itself into the manifest.

All great breakthroughs in all fields of human endeavor have this miraculous process at work. The real point of creativity is a sudden leap into the unknown from where something revolutionary and absolutely new is born. This is possible because the source of all creation is pure consciousness and each one of us in our essential state are pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is also pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibility and infinite creativity.

So each and every one of us has what it takes to create, we have the innate ability in just being conscious, alive, to be creative, it is our essential human nature.

Contemplate this, and be creative this very instant, being alive and conscious is all the tools of creativity you will ever need.


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Well said!

Inspiring in a reinforcing way 🙂

I am assuming meditation is one means of accessing our higher self/ pure consciousness…

Comment by alzeyne

A very inspiring artcle “Daddyji.” Thanks for sharing it us.

God made Earth, God made dinosaurs, God killed dinosaurs, God made man, man killed God, man made dinosaurs… made man!

Absolute Creativity!!!

Comment by Agastya Kapoor


Comment by oorvazi

Yes, I agree. In many work places, for example, especially in our country, creativity is something that is looked upon as an alien from other planet and people are discouraged to come up with something new. This is the reason, for example, why we are 50 years behind in Animation films!

People have to stand up and fight to get this Birthright as Mr. Tilak did for Swaraj many years ago otherwise we will continue to be in slavery of other developed nations and just keep copying them all the time and create films like “Ghajni” and “We are Family”, in recent examples.

People talk foreign languages, wear foreign clothes, copy ascents, eat in a foreign style and copy the Television programming too! This is totally because of lack of Creativity and knowledge of its importance and pleasure.

In my opinion, Creativity is equally importance as Democracy, for a developing “Copy-cat:”economy like India. If I get a chance to elaborate, I will say that Creativity is more important than Democracy because unless one gets an idea that we he/she should be freed there can be no fight for a freedom and achieve Democracy!!!

There should be some law regarding this issue in our Penal system!


Comment by Agastya Kapoor

Dear Agastya, Well said!

As dad often says ‘If there is no idea of a chair, there will be no chair’. And the power of Ideas and Creativity is often not given its due.

All great things start with a thought ……
all bad things too 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

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