Film Education


Film Appreciation Course in Mumbai

Oorvazi Irani’s Course Reviewed by RASIK TIRODKAR

on the “Passion for Cinema” website

  1. Rasik



    It being on weekends is a boon for those who work or are busy for some reason throughout the week.

    I have attended this course and I can say I was benefited immensely. Before this course my interest, knowledge and understanding of cinema was pretty limited. Back then, PFC was practically the only thing that shaped my interest in cinema. This course gave me a sense of confidence on cinema as a subject. It widened my horizons of cinema.

    Another interesting thing, which isn’t mentioned in the links above, is that she had included in the course the Chekov Acting technique. Nobody in the whole of India tells you about this technique.
    Here’s more about the Chekov Acting technique-

    The best part about the course is Oorvazi Irani herself. You will find in her a teacher which you always wished you had in school. Friendly, patient and confident. Her classes(i.e. if i can call them that) are not ‘classes’ that we usually went to in schools, colleges etc. They are highly interactive sessions at the end of which you don’t feel tired but enriched. The batch that i attended got so attached with her that we even went for a trek together with Ms.Irani.

    Thus, it is needless to say that the course is well worth its time and money.

    Posted 2 hours ago


  1. Rasik



    A film appreciation course will be conducted by Oorvazi Irani, a FTII approved film appreciation teacher, in Mumbai, for 3 weekends from 25th September onwards. As I have attended the course I can personally vouch for it.

    Here’s the link to know what will be covered under the course and the contact details.

    Here’s Oorvazi Irani’s blog and her profile.

    This is a wonderful PFC post by Indu Raman on the course which generated a very interesting discussion as well.

    Any queries can be discussed here or on the first 2 links or on the contact details provided in those links.

    Posted 3 hours ago
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