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Auteur Filmmaking

Auteur Filmmaking

If I ask myself what excites me about a film one of the special qualities is a film made by an auteur.

Who is an auteur, an artist in the medium of cinema !

Striving to be an auteur the challenge I feel lies in presenting an originality of an experience to the audience.

How does the artist create this world. The trigger can be something unrelated to her personal universe but the deeper concerns, unique flavour, nuances should be from deep within the personal world of experience and living.

To observe and probe life around and within with sensitivity is the nature of the artist.

The integrity of an artist lies in striving to be original and true to oneself.


Oorvazi Irani


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This is a brief but thought provoking post. If an auteur transfers his personal experience onscreen, others have to achieve the same second hand. which is more difficult? Do elaborate.

Comment by Indu Raman

The difference is between a mass produced product and an individual work. The individual work of an auteur has a glimpse of a world which is unique and not the beaten track.

Ofcourse the challenge for the auteur is to be personal yet universal and i think great auteurs do that.

As an artist what are you adding to what has already being done and I feel that contribution comes only when you dig inside otherwise it runs the risk of being second hand.

Comment by oorvazi Irani

This is wonderful.

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

🙂 thanks Agastya

Comment by oorvazi Irani

Dear Oorvazi,
This post is brilliant, original post and your comments. Thank you.

Comment by Swati Vaidya

Swati, thanks so much for following my blog and so happy its interesting reading.

Comment by oorvazi Irani

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