Film Education

Meeting and Parting – PGDFT 2011 batch

I fall in love all over again

With every batch there is a meeting and then a parting and each remains a cherished memory. I share with you today one such meeting and parting.

They presented me with a small token of love (the image below) and I am sharing my response to their feedback to my film appreciation 10 sessions at Digital Academy – the Post Graduate Diploma in Film and Television 2011 batch

‘Made me realize the joy of being a student’

You gave me the joy of being a teacher

‘Enlightenment with entertainment’

It was fun and learning for me too


‘Woke up to a completely different world of cinema’

Privileged to be able to open new windows and doors through which you will expand your horizons of thought and living


‘Thankyou for your rebellious film talk’

Being an artist, I feel art is very much an integral part of cinema/film and glad you found some of it rebellious and exciting


‘Changed my perception about art cinema’

Very happy that I was instrumental in being able to create a perception of art cinema which you appreciated


‘The sea of knowledge’

The world of cinema is an infinite ocean and swimming in it is very pleasurable


‘You are so pure, will miss you for sure’

The innocent child inside me wants to expresses itself and that I guess is the pure you refer to. I am glad you met that self.

‘Thankyou for the lovely class’

Every gesture, every smile, every twinkle in the eye, every whisper is still fresh in my memory. Thankyou for the lovely experience


‘Got knowledge with entertainment and master of simplification’

I feel the process of reaching the essence is an important process and so happy that it helped you and you appreciate it

‘Experienced the growing child named cinema’

Great ! A child that we hope keeps growing each passing day

‘Moonwalk with excitement’

The class is like a dance where each side (one side is the teacher, one side the student) makes their move and with each step the dance progresses and takes form


‘Expressing beauty with intelligence’

The creative, mysterious and rational, logical – a fine balance between the two worlds is important to me and nice that you perceived the two worlds with me.


‘Fantasy Express’

Cinema is a fantasy which is a parallel reality and is very powerful


‘Passing ray of shine of which I got an opportunity to become a part of’

Hope this little ray of light reminds you of the joy and pleasure of cinema always


‘Got some meaningful information and knowledge through black and white period’

B&W is so beautiful, as an artist once said it is a canvas which takes you to a reality which is beyond the mundane


Ma, the concept in Japanese culture taught me a new way of watching cinema’

Ancient cultural roots and ways of perception are valuable and its an honour to be able to shed light on something deep and precious.


‘The keeda has been planted I hope it spreads’

I hope this keeda grows into a magical spirit that consumes you with the joy to create and appreciate