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13th Mumbai Film Festival 2011 – Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

Talking Cinema (A Film Review Show)

My pick of films from the
13th Mumbai Film Festival 2011

Part One
“Once Upon A Time In Anatolia”


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Mam ur reviews are so good, i just loved the way u explained the first and d last shot, i actually was feeling the same when i saw the movie too. it seriously was one of the best movies at MAMI but ma personal favorite was Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia.

Comment by sujeet mahto

Sujeet thanks so much for your feedback and glad you shared the same feeling about the sensitive beginning and end of the film

Will read your review for Melancholia and try and see the movie maybe in the near future, quite a few films I could not catch in the festival

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Seems to be a very interesting film. Loved your incisive observations. Especially on the opening sequence. Will catch the film as soon as possible.

And on the film review show, just keep them coming. I am personally getting to learn a lot from it.

Comment by Rasik

Rasik, lovely to hear from you as always
Its really nice to know that the reviews are meaningful and of use to you as a journalist and passionate film lover yourself. Also I am very happy about your efforts to promote Marathi New Wave cinema as discussed earlier. Thanks dear

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

i would love you to include flaws or shortcomings of the film if any. I loved the character of the main cop who has done a great job. The doctor’s wooden expression was a contrast and that added to the drama. Your explanation of the symbolism of the visual images was an eye-opener. Thankyou.

Comment by Indu Raman

Dear Indu, it feels so nice to hear from you again 🙂
What I have tried to do is tell the audience what the film is trying to do and clarify the filmmaker’s point of view, as I feel sometimes if we are not in sync we lose out on the film experience.

The film I feel could be more interesting in the first half, I was struggling with it too, a bit. But after seeing the second half you appreciate the first half better to an extent.

I loved the use of the soundtrack in the end credits

Keep following this space, “Since Otar Left” next coming up..

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

That was a very enriching review. Opens up a new dimension of understanding. After listening to you, I feel that I will have to watch this film for a second time. I have coined a term for these kind of movies. I call them slice-of-life films. Loved your analysis on the soundtrack. That was deep.
Keep giving your reviews and enlightening us 🙂

Comment by Riddhiman Basu

Riddhiman, its a pleasure to have your valuable feedback and I am very pleased that my small efforts are useful to a passionate cinema lovers like you.

Thanks for sharing your term for these films and feedback on the film review

Keep in touch

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

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