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OORVAZI Talking Cinema – Film Review Show AGNEEPATH (2012) – Episode 6


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To begin with, i have not watched the movie yet, and you can definitely expect more feedback from my end.
One thing which really bothered me and was not at all related to the movie was, the video blog was shot on a black background and you are wearing a black top. Adding to that was the lighting which was directional (3D animation terminology), this gave an impression of your neck and head being disconnected from your arms because there was not much of body movement.
Just trying to improve my observation skills 😉
Will add more by tomorrow.
– Vikram

Comment by Vikram S Dwarakanath

Dear Vikram !

Sorry for bothering you with my angles and lighting 🙂
They are not flattering I agree but not as disjointed as you make it out to be according to me !

You have seen my other video film reviews, and hope you liked that open frame better.

The Film Reviews are done like personal diary entries of a film educationalist and excuse the lack of professional sophistication.

I know you speak your mind so compliments are similarly true and not maska polish 🙂

This particular film review is trying to understand some key features of Indian popular cinema with this film and none of the reviews are reviews in the conventional sense.

Look forward to your views on the film

Thanks for taking the time out to comment

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

5 hours ago I received this comment on You Tube
for the review from someone unknown to me 🙂

Camera Angle, Lighting, Review and Reviewer -BEAUTIFUL


Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Your statement saying “excuse the lack of professional sophistication” indicates that i may have offended you in some way. Please believe me when i say that it was never my intention to be offensive in any way.
I was trying to share my perception and my previous experiences regarding optimizing videos for the web where the loss of quality due to compression, makes these things too obvious, maybe for me.

About the review, i really liked the way you had the video divided according to your classification of topics and the narration was spot-on.
I share your view on Hritik’s vulnerability issue, i feel his character was too vulnerable for the type of antagonist he was against. I saw a very weak Vijay Deenanath Chavan.
Overall, the movie did not have the kind of impact i expected, in comparison to the 99 version.The aggression seemed one sided and there were one too many, very obvious technical goofs.

Comment by Vikram S Dwarakanath

Dear Vikram

Thanks for your further response and feedback, that’s thoughtful and sweet 🙂

I want you to say what you feel and I would respond but thanks for the concern and feels nice that we agreed on some points too

Hope some of the interviews on my blog were interesting reading in the ‘professional speak section’.

Take care

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Very good review.
What i felt about the film was
1) I liked Hritik’s Vijay because of his vulnerability and besides being a man who wants to avenge his father’s death he is also a boy whose mother has left him and his sister is not even aware of his existence. I think his relationship with Rishi kapoor and his two son’s was a good set up but i did not get the pay off i was expecting. For e.g when he kills Rishi kapoor his retarded son tries to stop Hritik Roshan from doing so and it is shown in some scenes that hritiik is fond of his retarded son, that relationship was never explored after the killing. at that moment Hritik was Just like kancha cheena years ago when he kills his father, the filmmaker should have explored this, it would have been a great thing to watch, i was looking forward to see something like that

2) i have major problems with the climax not because of its melodramatic action but because of the flash backs. it really insults the audience’s intellect becaue the way Hritik looks at the tree and the way he acts the viewer can understand what he must be thinking inside because the viewer has been with him since the beginning of the film, the decisions to show flash backs whenever not needed was not very cinematic form me and the background score was to loud. the filmmaker should have played more with silence or other types of sounds to convey emotions because the backgroundMusic was very disturbing.

Overall i liked and enjoyed the film 🙂 Nice songs too especialy Abhi Mujhme kahi baaki thodi si hai zindagi

Comment by siddhesh

Siddesh !

Thanks so much for your feedback and sharing your thoughts.

The background score was melodramatic 🙂 and sometimes popular cinema has to simply things for an audience.

I respect your views and very happy that you have shared them on this platform but also we are not the only target market for a film like this, is what I would like to add.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Hello Oorvazi Maim 🙂

I loved your review i agree with most of it, though i too did enjoy hrithik’s portrayal of a slightly vulnerable Vijay. But it was a good movie, I like many others enjoyed it as well :)… Hope all is well and i look forward to seeing more of your reviews !!!

– Rajiv Sharma

Comment by Rajiv

Hello Rajiv,

Lovely to hear from you 🙂

Thanks so much for the feedback, appreciate you keeping in touch from across the seas and am sure you are doing good

Keep in touch

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Nice to hear you talk on mainstream Hindi cinema. Very balanced review. Liked it.

Comment by Rasik

Rasik !

Thanks so much for seeing it and glad you liked the approach and found it balanced. Thise film review show was supposed to be more for contemporary Indian popular cinema but MAMI came in the middle and then I went on another track with a few films.

Keep watching and keep in touch

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Loved your recitation of the poem 🙂 !!! An unusual and interesting review…liked your feminist point of view about the scene introducing Kali and totally agree with it!!!

Comment by shweta

My Dear Shweta,
awww so sweet, thanks for the kind words and happy you found the review unusual and interesting and loved the recitation, which nobody is really making a mention of in their comments . Encouraging 🙂 .

Popular cinema has a lot of ideologies that are passed onto us which are slipped in sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously

Thanks for the taking the time out and keeping in touch

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Finally saw ur review on AGNEEPATH 🙂
To begin wit; ur intro where ur reciting “THE POEM” which is the so called theme of the movie.. wat u hv keenly obsereved & brought to notice makes us realise dat how differently one can interpret the words of a specific text (which in turn highlights the mind set n behavioural pattern of a person) i loved the way u used “POPULAR INDIAN CINEMA” in ur review,this helps in creating a distinguish or an awareness (fr me in a positive way) that there is also another type of INDIAN CINEMA 🙂
Alright now to begin wit the review… well i may not be well versed wit technicalities et al.. but wil try to put across my opinion in the best way i can 🙂 wat i found interestin in the movie was dat the makers of AGNEEPATH(2012) took the original outline & nt the complete story… the base n key charaters were same but the story was said in a different style… completely agree wit ur opinion abt vijay (Hritik Roshan) being vulnerable rather dan “angry young man” but wat i felt was here his character was meant 2b in dat manner as the “villians” (Rishi Kapoor & Sanjay Dutt) respectively wer potrayed more strong n brutal dan him…Sanjay Dutt has definately put in a lot of effort in the physical appearence of his character but i found him goin over board wit his acting skills & being loud unnecessarily at many times… wat suprised me most in ur review was ur keen observation of “feminist view” which im sure no one in thier wildest dream wld hv thought of 😛 lol; which is definately comendable 🙂 & ofcourse the HIGHLY MELODRAMATIC CLIMAX.. well i really thought that in this era wer ppl focus n sell their movies on the basis of “real cinema” der wld atleast b sum realism but was highly disappointed as it cldnt hv gone worse dan dis melodramatic climax… it was jst wayyy over the top fr me… atleast a pinch of realism wld hv done wonders 🙂

To end I wld say dat u did a FABULOUS job on reviewing the details of AGNEEPATH (2012) Very happy n proud of u… wish u all the VERY BEST & all the success that u truly deserve 🙂

Loads of Love,

Comment by Shaheen Nazir

My Dear Shaheen,

How sweet of you to share your thoughts and feedback on the review loved it 🙂 Thanks so much indeed.

Glad you liked the Popular cinema and feminist point of view and the poetic point of view. Agree Sanjay Dutt was going overboard and cliche and there could have been more to the movie.

I would be privileged to introduce you to another kind of cinema if you like. Give me some preferences if any.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Comment by oorvazi

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