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Satyamevjayate – Aamir’s Television Show Review

Satyamevjayate – Going beyond a Talk Show to become a Documentary 

My Review of Aamir Khan’s new programme on television telecast today

A personal touch and a sincere effort is what strikes you in the first episode. The television show tackles one problem of India’s many and tries to bring it out from mere statistics of news papers to a more human level  of emotional truth. Dry facts can make you think but emotions can move you stronger to action is what Aamir deeply recognizes and is true.

Its not that we don’t know of female infanticide taking place in India but it just does not happen in our personal world and thus we are not part of its reality. The show holds your hand and forces you to see and hear human stories of struggle and takes you in the midst of the reality emotionally, politically and intellectually.

The treatment of the show is as basic including the sets, the approach and treatment. It is the format of a talk show with its appeal in witnessing real people and listening to their stories but Aamir does not stop at that he tries to involve researches, doctors active in the filed so that it takes the programme  to a deeper purpose of understanding the issue  and giving a complete picture to reflect. Importantly statistics with human stories and breaking of myths that the illiterate poor are the people in India that are most responsible for this evil but its the middle class, upper middle class well educated docters, lawyers, PHD individuals who are at the forefront of the continuation of such a inhuman act. What really is at the core of this action and their desires is what it leaves you with, what makes these individuals commit such atrocities. Its in perceptions and mindsets that lie the power of change and that is not necessarily achieved by dry education or brute money.

What is the society that we are part of, what is the present and what will be the future is what the show addresses and I must congratulate Aamir in his attempts to reach out and speak up for what he believes in.

Newspapers and news channels do report these stories but hoping that Aamir’s voice will help make it reach the ordinary man and make a difference.

The female gender – a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife… but above all a human being an individual just like a man …why does some sections of society forget this basic fact.

Three cheers for Aamir Khan and his team

By Oorvazi Irani




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oh i missed and forget to see the first episode 😦 will catch from now onwards…and thanks for this reminding review.

Comment by Hiren

Great! 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

Exactly my thoughts Oorvazi. The combination of statistics and live experiences has made this show so effective. The shocking fact that female foeticide is as prevalent among educated upper classes in urban areas as in rural areas could not have been brought home without the statistics or Dr Neeta’s testament. Getting my hopes high for future episodes. And thank you for putting my thoughts as well as the feelings of other patrons of the show into your crisp language 🙂

Comment by Riddhiman Basu

Riddhiman, a pleasure to hear from you and glad that you share my thoughts and feelings on the show.

Comment by oorvazi

i saw the first episode of the series it was quite shocking truth to withstand .it looks very interesting to know something which seems never have been screened. m ready for more to see. it looks educative ,striking with facts …but yet i couldn’t get the idea properly coz what it’s showing some facts people already know yet they do it . m yet to decide the treatment of the show…..

Comment by Arav Auditore

Aarav ! Great to hear from you and thanks for your feedback and sharing your thoughts, look forward to your comments on the continuing episodes

Comment by oorvazi

Aamirji sambhav ho to mere pitaji ( jo ek sache Dr. The) ke bare mein sunna, unki full life, dusro ki seva, madad aur imaandari mein nikli, aise ache Dr. Ko jaan k bhi, iss society, usmein rehne wale logon ne kya kiya?? Ek 100% imaandar Dr. Jisne kabhi apne patients se badh kr, apni family ko bhi nahi smjha, unke saath, iss samaj ne kaunsi hamdardi rakhi, …? Kya Dr. Insaan nai hota? Kyu har bar usse bhagwan ka darja deke uske saath insaano ki tarah bhi pesh nai aati ye public.?? Har sikke k do pehlu hote hai, aapne uss dusre pehlu ko logo k saamne kamjor kr diya…..( DR. Usha Bohra, J.S Gynae, Govt. Hosp. NAGAUR, RAJASTHAN.)

Comment by Ankita bohra

Aapke hisab se woh kausi baat thi jo Aamir ko batane tha aur na bataya

Comment by oorvazi

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