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THE K FILE – An Interview with the Filmmaker Oorvazi Irani


Would love to share my views about my film “The K File” and look forward to hearing from you all


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Shweta’s attempt to get the first-hand information about the film…documentary or fiction?…reading the significance of color-composition in the poster etc is interesting.The foil red, the seating of the two in dark and the letters in white–the entire setting echoes Irani’s statement…

Comment by Kumaraguruparan Ramakrishnan

Kumaraguruparan ! thankyou for your keen and detailed observation. Its a great joy to be working with my film students – Shweta is a dear friend and has attended my film appreciation independent course and we have closely kept in touch. She has a great taste for cinema and is a film journalist in the hindi commercial space.

Nikita Mhatre, who has been a student of mine in the Digital Academy film school where i conduct the film appreciation module and also a friend now has single handedly done the lighting and camerawork for this shoot, including the set design and its at par with any senior experienced professional. She has also done the editing for the film.

Comment by oorvazi

Yes Oorvzi…I forgot to mention Ms Nikita Mhatre here…excellent teacher with brilliant students!!

Comment by Kumaraguruparan Ramakrishnan

The color of the poster is really very dramatic and other wonderful words I don’t know in any language. I strongly feel that your endeavor in choosing the topic, however political or social it might feel, is brilliant as above all its just life as it is for everybody; the killer and the killed.

K file is going to be a brilliant master-piece of what I call “Creative Non-fiction.” and I cannot imagine anybody doing this so well other than you. Some might say that you are the master of cinema but I say that you are the cinema!

I so wish that I’d been a part of the production of K file but nevertheless, its never late and will give my entire energy and love for the K file project.

Master! your vision has shown us a new way of life, a new height…black, red and white!

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

My Dear Agastya<
Touched! thankyou so much for your affection and support for the project, cannot thankyou enough. Will surely think of you for my next project, but thats if you have the time to spare from your work schedule and wonderful projects yourself that you have planned. Will keep in touch.

Comment by oorvazi

This is a wonderful step forward to make a film on a bold subject- fact or fiction. You are looking fabulous in the video. This is like an appetizer as we wait.. and wait..!

Comment by Indu Raman

Indu ! thanks 🙂 for the compliment
But the film experience is subjective and I hope i live up to your expectations. Eager to know the responses

Comment by oorvazi

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