Film Education

Tips For A Creative Artist



From the diary of a filmmaker Oorvazi Irani

  1. Create what you know about or have experienced.
  2. After getting an exciting idea, developing it requires discipline.
  3. Find a partner to share your ideas with, brainstorm and help you keep at it and refine and develop it.
  4. Sleep sometimes works as a defense mechanism  for an uninspired mind when you sit to create.
  5. Closing your eyes and focusing for a few minutes on a thought or idea or problem might be more insightful than hours spent with the rational chattering mind.
  6. Try to search for original, unique ideas and ways of creating. Your subconscious mind can offer exciting possibilities. Try diving in to your subconscious by psychic automatism or meditation.
  7. Use other forms of art to explore the development of your ideas like painting, music etc.
  8. Life itself seen with keen eyes has so many ideas floating around, its just about the way we see things that makes all the difference.
  9.  The germ of the idea can be an image, a word, a character, a theme, a place etc which is unique and fires your imagination.
  10. Films, Literature, Newspapers, Paintings, any creation can be an inspiration but what is important is how do you make it your own and take it to another level.
  11. Creativity and art is about a process of finding your own answers not stating ready made answers from others. It’s close to a scientific invention if it’s the work of a genius.
  12.  Creativity is about self discovery and many auteurs feel they are making the same movie again and again with slight modifications. Your work is a reflection of who you are.