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The Art of Educating
June 14, 2016, 2:09 pm
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Photo credit: IB Film students Rhea and Pallavi

The Art of Educating

I believe that the approach of someone who is imparting knowledge is equally important with that of the kind of knowledge being imparted.

I see my role as an educationalist/educator ‘to inspire the student to discover the truth’. I believe in giving the student freedom to create their own views and not bias them with my personal opinions.

I believe knowledge should be interactive and a two way process. Otherwise its just someone’s tinted glasses you are putting on, you need to see the world with your own eyes. However if your eyes are not in a good condition, they are infected or are in poor health you need to correct that first, for a vision that is real and insightful.

I have come to understand that knowledge learnt through experience lives on for a lifetime and students enjoy that process of learning where they are active and in the midst of action rather than being a passive spectator.

Working at making my subject further simple, precise and meaningful is a continuing journey and an art which is slowly unfolding.

Being an educator and interacting with a class is like a live performance and you wait for the ecstasy to be felt when you are one with your audience in the bond of knowledge. Aiming for those moments of inspiration to take flight and experience the art of education.


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