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Oorvazi Irani

Director, SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.(Inc. 1975)

Filmmaker – Film Educationalist – Acting Coach 

  • Bachelor of Arts,Jai Hind College,Mumbai
  • FTII & NFAI Film Appreciation Course designed for Teachers Training
  • Research, Production, Direction – SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd. Film Projects
  • Examiner for the subject of film at the International Baccalaureate (IB) on a world platform

Teaching Experience:

* Currently heading the subject of Film at the SVKM J.V. Parekh International School, Mumbai

* Conducted under the banner of SBI Impresario independent 3 weekend batches  for ‘Film Appreciation’

* Teaching ‘Chekhov Acting Training’ and introduced the acting technique to India with the acting technique dvd

* Conducted the ‘Film Appreciation’ module at the first batch of the  Institute of Creative Excellence – ICE,  the Education division of Balaji Telefilms

* Conducted the ‘Film Appreciation’ module at the Digital Film School, Mumbai

* Conducted ‘Film Appreciation’ and ‘Acting Appreciation’ special modules at Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute

* Conducted the ‘Film Appreciation’ module and ‘Dance and Music in Cinema’ module for the first batch of the Mumbai University Post Graduate One Year Diploma Course for Film and Television

* Conducted the filmmaking workshop at BITS, Pilani (Birla Institutie of Science and Technology) Goa Campus for their Waves winter 2009 cultural festival.

* Conducted the ‘Understanding Cinema’ module of the BMM syllabus at Ghanshyamdas Saraf Girls College, Mumbai (Affiliated to the University of Mumbai)

Film Critic:

She has also been an integral part of research and writing for the international textbook on Indian cinema “From Aan to Lagaan and Beyond”. She has also contributed articles on special invitation to Lensight, a journal of film and media (FTII), Indian Film Culture, an Indian Cinema special issue of the cinema journal published by the Federation of Film Societies of India, FilmBuff, an international film journal (special issue celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema) Published at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.


“The Path of Zarathustra” feature film


Oorvazi has recently successfully released her debut independent feature film as Director, Co-Producer and Actor “The Path of Zarathustra”.  The film is a quest of the Parsi Zoroastrian identity, a small community to which she belongs which is at the verge of extinction and has an important and relevant message to share with the world. The film successfully released in PVR theatres as a PVR Directors Rare on September 4th, 2015 with a Premier in Delhi with the Hon. Minister of Minority Affairs Dr. Najma Heptulla as the Chief Guest. The DVD of the film was recently released by Sony.

The film was nominated for the Kolkata International Film Festival in the Asian select category and is chosen as of the few select films in the 1st National Film Festival and 1st National Woman’s Film Festival organized by the Federation of Film Societies of India. The film also had a special screening at the National Museum in Delhi on May 7th,8th,15th 2016 as part of ‘The Everlasting Flame Zoroastrian exhibition’ on the recommendation of the Minority Affairs Ministry, Government of India and with the blessings of Hon. Minister of Minority Affairs Dr. Najma Heptulla.

Film Trailer link (India Theatrical Release)

Short Films:

1. “Mamaiji” 2011 (Grandmother) The film is as much about an archetypical grandmother as it is about the personal story of Moti (Morvarid) Nadirshah Roowalla, the director’s Mamaiji(grandmother), who was born in Iran in 1927, and then lived in India. Screened at the IAWRT Asian Woman’s Film Festival 2014 and The International Documentary and Short Film festival of Kerala 2014.  Invited for special screenings at Vikalp@Prithvi , Mumbai and FTII & NFAI Film Appreciation Course, Pune.


2. Short film “The K File” movie is a script by Farrukh Dhondy and is based on the dilemma of Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks – Exclusive Online Release 28th May 2012. Selected in the Indian Panorama section of FIKE – Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens – Competição Internacional International Short Film Festival at Evora, Portugal (2013) and in the 2nd Short & Documentary Film festival 2013 organized by Federation of Film Societies of India (Eastern Region) in collaboration with Nandan, the Film Centre of West Bengal held in  Kolkata, India.

K file

Film Blog:


She has been the Associate Director “Lord Ganesha – The Elephant head God”. Produced by SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd for Netherlands Television – 1997-98.

She has been the Assistant Director  and Head of Research for “Ramayana a Journey” a six part travelogue series for Channel Four Television, London – 1995-96-97.

Art Consultant


As the Director of the company Oorvazi Irani has also been the Project Consultant for an international art group show “Unity in Diversity” held at Cymroza Gallery in Mumbai – 2007.

Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

dvd front

As an acting coach, she taught this technique to her students. Oorvazi has come out with a DVD titled ‘The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique’. The DVD is a step by step Guide to understanding the Basic Tools and Fundamental Concepts of the Michael Chekhov Acting technique. The President of the Chekhov Association, USA, Joanna Merlin, endorsed the DVD by stating:

“In Oorvazi Irani’s sensitive presentation of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique, she guides the actor through Chekhov’s psycho-physical process with, grace, elegance, intelligence and joyfulness. Oorvazi is an articulate actor and teacher, profoundly moved and motivated by Chekhov’s lifelong study of the art of acting. In this formidable and artistic presentation, Oorvazi provides a progressive journey for actors, inspiring them to explore their untapped imaginative resources, deepening and enriching their creative individuality.”

 Oorvazi has conducted a special seminar cum workshop for the Russian Culture Centre on the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique where her DVD was also screened. She has also conducted special acting modules of the Acting technique on special invitation for reputed organizations like Thespo14 @ Prithvi(which is the most popular youth theater group based in Mumbai), Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute (which is the acting school popular for training stars like Hritik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra etc.), and a special module for non-actors at the popular indie film community platform mad about movies  . This is besides the regular courses that she conducts as a freelance independent acting coach for the technique, for amateurs and professionals.



A production/media company since 1975 which has produced for the last three decades internationally acclaimed documentaries and feature films for European and Indian markets.

Company History

Sorab Irani, The Chairman and Managing Director before incorporating his company in 1975 started his career as General Manager of Himalaya Films, a production & distribution company of Shree Chetan Anand, Dev Anand and Vijay Anand. During his term in office he produced three major multi-starrer Hindi feature films: “Kudrat”, “Saheb Bhadur” & “Hum Rahe Na Hum”.

The company involved in promoting the arts produced five full-length Bharata Natayam Dance Ballets in Sanskrit in its early years and recently Sorab Irani with Manmohan Shetty was part of creating Indian cinematic history by introducing the Large Film Format to India by building the IMAX® Adlabs Dome Theatre and Multiplex.

The company is also the Literary Agent for Farrukh Dhondy and other select international authors and has placed books with Harper Collins and Hachette India.

Sorab essentially is an artist, a musician trained in Hindustani Classical Music and been part of the 60’s Rock Music Revolution spear headed by the Beatles, and is a Producer with a vision.

Oorvazi Irani his daughter joins him in continuing his film legacy and is the Director of the company. She is also a filmmaker and film educationalist.


Critically acclaimed productions have been listed below:

Produced for Delhi Doordarshan   National Net Work “Rakshak”(1980)   a thirteen-part TV serial as a docu drama on wildlife preservation shot on all major wild life sanctuaries in India.

Produced for Delhi Doordarshan   National Net Work “Project Tiger”(1982 – 83)   a thirteen part TV documentary serial on the habitat of the Indian Tiger shot on all Tiger reserves all over India.

Produced feature film   “Percy” (1985 – 87)   in Parsi Gujarati   Channel Four & NFDC co funded. “Percy” is the winner of the best feature film National Award in India & judged and awarded as best feature film award at Mannheim Film Festival in Germany.

Co produced with Channel Four Television   “The Last House In Bombay” (1990 –91) a 52 minute documentary in 16mm. This awarded the “Silver Conch” award as best feature length documentary at the Bombay International Film Festival for documentary & short films. A fly on the wall documentary about a Punjabi family.

Produced for Channel Four Television   “The British Raj Through Indian Eyes” (1991 92)  a 2-part 52-minute 16mm documentary. A reappraisal of Indian History during the British Raj of India.

Produced for Channel Four Television with D & N Productions Bangalore   “Something Like A War” (1992—93) a 52 minutes documentary in 16-mm Awarded at Nyon Festival Switzerland. A critical study of the family Planning programme of the Government of India.

Produced with Double Battery Films Pvt. Ltd. Bombay for Channel Four Television  “Kisses On the Train” a 40-minute fiction film- awarded at the Cinema Du Reel Paris. (1993). A short story about 2 adolescent girls who meet on a toy train, which journeys to a hill station. By the end of the journey the lives of the 2 girls will never be the same again.

Produced for Channel Four ” The Clap Trap” (1993 – 94) a 52 minutes documentary in 16-mm. An observational style documentary on the ‘Extras’ of the Bombay Film Industry.

Produced with D & N Productions Bangalore for “Development Stories II” For BBC London  ” The Legacy of Malthus” (1994). This film examines the conventional view of people, population & migration & propounds new concepts.

Researched, Produced & Directed for Channel Four Television Corporation London a Travelogue Series Titled “The Ramayana – A Journey” In 6 parts of 25 minutes each (1995 –97). Collins & Brown publish a Series Book. (95 / 96  – 97). Times Music releases the sound track music ‘Ramayana Ballads’ in India.

Researched, Produced & Directed for OHM TV – The Netherlands – a documentary on “Lord Ganesh – The Elephant Head God” (1997 -98).

“Mamaiji” a short film directed by Oorvazi Irani, produced and presented by SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd. – 2011.

Produced the film “The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique” presented and directed by Oorvazi Irani – 2011.

Produced and Presented “The K File” movie Exclusive Online Film Release May 2012. Directed by Oorvazi Irani, Story and Screenplay Farrukh Dhondy, Produced by Sorab Irani.

Two documentaries – “The Last House in Bombay” and “The Clap Trap” have been preserved for posterity with the National Film Archives, Pune and Films Division Archives, Mumbai.  ‘


Farrukh Dhondy (London based)


  1. Poona Company – Harper Collins India a modern classic (re-issue)
  2. The Bikini Murders – Harper Collins India (published – an Indian bestseller)
  3. Bombay Duck, the award winning critically acclaimed book – Penguin India (re-issue)
  4. Rumi: a translation in English verse – Harper Collins India (published)
  5. Prophet of Sex – Harper Collins India (published)
  6. Adultery and other short stories – Harper Collins India (re-issue)
  7. London Company – Hachette India (published)
  8. Cambridge Company – Hachette India (to be released)

Feature Film Screenplays

  1. The Bottomline – SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.- India
  2. Kohinoor – Applause Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. – India (Rights now reverted back to SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.)
  1. London Summer – Planman Motion Pictures – India (Rights now reverted back to SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.)
  1. Bombay Dogs (animation feature film) – Animation Dimensions – India
  2. Guru of Sex – Celluloid Dreams Ltd – UK
  3. Film Film Film – Sanjay Khan Productions – India
  4. Waves – Bollywood Dreams – Australia
  5. Benazir Benazir – Eros Pictures Pvt. Ltd. – India (Rights now reverted back to SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.)

Roddy Mathews (London based)

  1. Flaws in the Jewel – Harper Collins – India (published)
  2. Biography of the Raj – Harper Collins – India (to be released)
  3. Jinnah vs. Gandhi – Hachette – India (published – an Indian bestseller)

Ashok Amritraj – ( Los Angeles based)

An Autobiography – Harper Collins India   (published)

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi – (Mumbai based)

Drama Queen – Hachette India (published)


Adlabs IMAX® Dome Theatre Project – Mumbai

Sorab Irani is a good friend of Manmohan Shetty and was the project coordinator for the Adlabs IMAX® Dome Theatre Project. Sorab Irani in association with Manmohan Shetty was instrumental in creating Indian Cinematic History by introducing the Large Film Format to India with the Adlabs IMAX® Dome Theatre Project.

Advisor to the IMAX® 3D & 2D Gujarat Science City Project – Gandhinagar – 2001 -The Government of Gujarat State

MOU for development of an Entertainment Park, which includes an Imax Theatre for ‘Positra Special Economic Zone’ – Gujarat Positra Port Infrastructure Ltd. (A joint sector with Govt of Gujarat) and for the ‘Maha Mumbai Special Economic Zone’ being set up near Navi Mumbai.

Exclusive Mandate with ‘Figueras International Seating’

A company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, selling and installing seating of both public & private installations. Installations in more than 60 countries including installations in the chain of Warner Bros Cinemas all over the world.

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Very impressive credentials, Oorvazi! Love your blog…wish you all the very best 🙂

Comment by Swati Chopra

Its great to know you ‘loved my blog’ and thanks so much for your warm regards. Keep in touch

Comment by oorvazi

Great blog Oorvazi!!! Informative as well as interesting! Really appreciate your continuous effort of enlightening us about cinema. Thanks 🙂

Comment by Shweta

The more I give, the more I receive ! 🙂 Love you all

Comment by oorvazi

Hey,the site is looking impresive…..cheers!!

Comment by Neha sharad

I am so happy that you found the blog ‘impressive’ and would love you to share your life experiences with us all in this space when you feel inspired.

Comment by oorvazi

All the Best ma’am… looks vry impressive….way

Comment by Ruchita

I love d phrase “being a filmmaker can make u god” v can really create a new universe….feels good.!!!

Comment by Ruchita

Yes Ruchita I do believe the medium is very empowering ! and thanks for the feedback , good to know you liked it.

Comment by oorvazi

Saahebji Ma’am, amazing bolg! I strongly feel that this stupid world needs more great teachers like you, I wish we had a technology to clone you. One for everyone…Wat say guys?


Comment by Agastya Kapoor

a great teacher is like a great recipe!

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

I just remembered a very old saying for our dear Madame:

A writer needs a pen, a painter needs a brush but a filmmaker needs an army!

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

Hey Agastya !
You made my day ! so sweet. Thanks for all your comments. Please do tell me how you want to contribute on my blog in the near future would love your participation!

Comment by oorvazi


Comment by Premendra Mazumder

Premendra !

Wow! it is touching to receive that comment from a film academic like you. Thanks so much and will definitely get in touch with you soon for some of your precious thoughts on cinema.

Comment by oorvazi

Always Welcome. It will be my pleasure to be a confederate.

Comment by Premendra Mazumder

I am working as Media Expert under NRHM Govt of Assam. I am interested to join the workshop conducted by you. Since I am working in a Govt set please send me the deatils How can I join there any workshop in the coming months…what will be the fees etc.

Comment by Maruf Alom

Thankyou for your interest
I have emailed you my response

Comment by oorvazi

hi oorvazi……..amazing blog……..and u an amazing human being…… was lovely to know you……..

Comment by aarmin

hi ooorvazi……..amazing blog and an amazing human being…….v all are very fortunate to know you……..

Comment by aarmin

Aarmin, Thanks so much 🙂 feels good. It is a pleasure knowing you too.

Comment by oorvazi

I am working as Media Expert under NRHM Govt of Assam. I am interested to join the workshop conducted by you. Since I am working in a Govt set please send me the deatils How can I join there any workshop in the coming months…what will be the fees etc.

Comment by Addison Torres

Lovely to hear from you.
I just finished a course and my next course will be after app 2 months. I conduct a 3 weekend batch (saturday and sunday)in Mumbai. The course fees are Rs 5,000. Please tell me if you are interested or if you need any clarifications.

Comment by oorvazi


Comment by MADHU

🙂 How sweet dear ! Thanks so much

Comment by oorvazi

What Ma’am you never reply my post 😦

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

Agastya dear! what are you referring to I always respond to your posts.

Comment by oorvazi

[…] About Me […]

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This is an Awesome Blog…!!!
Will be keen for enrolling to next batch….

Comment by Ajay

Thanks for your appreciative words.
Look forward to seeing you in my course soon.

Comment by oorvazi

Hello! Oorvazi ma’am I remember the 1st day you had come for the film workshop at SVKM to give us more insight into the history of cinema all around the world…it was all so new and you had so much to offer! Those five days and your super human efforts to complete the excruciating workshop, along with creating that passion about cinema, I can never forget! Thank you for the wonderful experience…:)

Comment by Rudra Joshi

Dear Rudra
Thanks so much for your kind words of appreciation. Its always encouraging to know for me as an educationalist that I made a humble contribution in your life.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

It has just been two days that mam you started teaching us, but just these two days has given so much knowledge that no teacher ever could do in 2 months. And i am really not over-exaggerating this.

The amount of knowledge and experience that you bring in is awe-inspiring, i never watched movies like i am watching now. the amount of knowledge that you posses is just so mesmerizing, and would love to posses such a deep insight in every aspect of film-making, one day in my life.

Thank you so much for sharing all this with us and giving us such a wonderful experience. And i am looking forward for all the lovely lectures that you will be conducting in the coming days.

Thank you Mam.

Comment by sujeet

Dear Sujeet,
Its a great joy to have students like you who are sincere and hungry for knowledge. This love and admiration keeps me going. It was a pleasure taking your class and had a great time and that speaks a lot of the students and their active participation and intelligence.

Thanks again dear. Keep the flame of passion for cinema alive all throughout your life and all the best.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Date- 14 aug 2011 .hello oorvazi ma’am how are you?,i am salim khan student of digital academy doing acting course. ma’am i was not knowing you but after attending class today . i searched in internet about you and came to know about you.i enjoyed your free acting workshop and really impress .ma’am earlier i did modeling but very much new to acting profession and also in Mumbai so please guide me in right direction i want to know more on acting and the different technique .so please do the need full.

Comment by salim khan

Salim ! Great to hear from you and your interest in acting techniques. And feels nice that you liked my workshop.

Since you are studying acting at Digital Academy I am sure a lot of your needs will get addressed there. However if I am conducting an acting appreciation workshop where I discuss various acting techniques I will ask you if you are interested.

And hope you explore more about the Chekhov technique with the tools that I have created as my humble contribution to India . And if you are interested in a six day course I will keep you informed of same. But currently I assume your digital academy course will take up most of the time of the day.

Ashokji himself knows of me and my technique and has seen my dvd. And as you know I teach film appreciation at Digital Academy.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Hi Oorvazi Ma’am, Ranjan here, your student at DA. I am really thankful for your precious teaching sessions, these lessons will always remain with me and will give a direction to my thought process.
It was great to have such a jolly & friendly teacher who gives freedom of thought.
but I must say, it’s really sad that for now we have no more lecture with you. I would love to attend more of your sessions.

Again thank you so much for the wonderful experience.

Best Regards,
Ranjan Chandel 🙂

Comment by Ranjan Chandel

Dear Ranjan,
Don’t forget its a pleasure for me too, to see you enjoy the class and your enthusiasm for learning increases my passion for teaching 🙂

Welcome aboard my film appreciation family.
My class never ends, its lifelong…begin with seeing my film reviews online on my blog, I am there in front of you at your computer in the comfort of your home. My humble attempts to stay connected to my precious students.

backup, limewire

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Dear Oorvazi,
Not just an honor to be your student, look forward some day to have you as my director. Eagerly await 23rd .

Comment by Sanjay Nath

Dear Sanjay,

Cannot wait 🙂 I am sure it will be an enriching experience for me too

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

After I read this I felt a sudden swirl within me. I think I was immensely happy.

Comment by Shiraz Mukherjee

Shiraz, thanks ! that’s lovely to know but could i know the specific reason of immense happiness :). thanks so much for the visit and hope it was engaging

Comment by oorvazi

I used to believe a very few have an undefined destiny with cinema.(not the marketplace of art)…read your web space and must say I am soo very impressed. an incredible eclectic mix of thoughts. very happy to have been here and read a lot. your blog will be on my ‘regulars’ list now! great contri to initiating thought process on the ‘seventh art’…..i would love to meet you whenevr you visit Delhi

Comment by Gauri Rasgotra

I am so glad 🙂
would love to, lets keep in touch and do tell me more about yourself

Comment by oorvazi

I am looking for the film critic course or direction. Couls you please guide me further.

Thabk you,
Anil Jagannath Jagtap

Comment by anil


My son is 5 years old and I would like to join him an acting institute.

You can see his profile at

You are requested to provide best guidance.


A K Nahar

Comment by AK NAHAR

I am not a right person to guide a child actor. Maybe go to someone who teaches young actors like Real Padamsee

Comment by oorvazi

Thank for ur reply…

Sorry to disturb you…

I ll try to find anybody else.

Thank you very much.


Ajit Kumar Nahar

Comment by aknahar sanchar times

It’s helpful and informative.. Liked it.. Hope it will keep on providing more information. Can you please say something on ‘violence against women in Indian films’ particularly ???

Comment by Dweepasha

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