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Photo Credit for all Images:  Nitesh Square Photography


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gret snaps…..some of them are simply ravishing!!!

Comment by sowrik

:)How sweet ! Thank you dear for the compliment

Comment by oorvazi

lovely pictures… my fav would be the second last one…it’s so serene!!!

Comment by Shweta

We did the outdoor at Vasai fort. Its so lovely and huge but the sun was not on our side… We reached late ! However i am glad we picked up some pictures and they worked out in creating a lovely mood. Thanks Shweta 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

gr8 snaps mam.

Comment by irfan

Thanks ! great man(boy) 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

Amazing snaps……u look simply beautiful..!!!

Comment by Nupoor K

Feels really nice! Thanks my dear

Comment by oorvazi

Beautiful (=

Comment by Anisha

Its a ‘high’ for me to see myself (look good) and more importantly a process of self discovery

Comment by oorvazi

forgot to say ‘Thank you’ 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

U look amazing in all n the best out of them is 2nd and 3rd last..

Comment by irfan

Thanks again 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

Great snaps Oorvazi!

Comment by Rachana

I am glad you like them !
I feel knowledge starts with oneself and ends with oneself. You are your start point and finish point…you are born and you die. And going further there is the state of going beyond yourself and experiencing the entire universe but within yourself…

Comment by oorvazi

I am somehow fascinated by the pic of you standing next to that huge window which has that small looking big rock placed there…… It makes me feel like there is a different world beyond the window and the only thing that is preventing me from crossing over to the other side is the rock … it’s like the thoughts we keep having when we try to plunge into something new ….. the final hurdle …… Fantastic Picture

Comment by Gaurav Ail

I am happy the pictures are speaking to you symbolically, they were meant too!
I went to your blog. People who want to be true to themselves are courageous others are cowards. And you have to belong to yourself before you belong to others.

Comment by oorvazi

I got link of your blog frm Orkut. Gone through, really good and beauty & art filled snaps. All the Best.

Comment by Ssiddhant Mohan Tiwary

Thanks Ssiddhant.

Comment by oorvazi Irani

starting lines are GREAT and last pic’s are too good. thank you.

Comment by sandeep

thanks Sandeep !

Comment by oorvazi Irani

Baap photos hai!

Comment by Agastya Kapoor

ye to shuruvaat hai !

Comment by oorvazi Irani

It’s paintings !
I remember Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings !



Visited your website, some lovely images.

Thanks so much for your beautiful and flattering comparison, it means much more coming from a painter himself.

Comment by oorvazifilmeducation

Each snap tells a story…amazing and nostalgic..

Comment by Justin George

Justin ! thanks so much, another painter commenting …

Comment by oorvazi

Wow. Great pics. A myriad of expressions.

Comment by Riddhiman Basu

Riddhiman, you saw the pic recently. Thanks 🙂 . I am quite fascinated with seeing myself and discovering new facets of my possible avatars

Comment by oorvazi

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