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Video Student testimonials:
Oorvazi Irani’s Film Appreciation and Acting Appreciation sessions held for Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute acting batch, January 2010






Kishore Namit Kapoor

Acting Guru

Oorvazi is a messiah for students as she is so loving, passionate and knowledgeable


Leena Pimpley

IBDP Coordinator, SVKM International School, Mumbai

Ms. Oorvazi’s idea of a blog for exponents of ‘Film’ is splendid indeed. I have attended her sessions on Film Appreciation which she conducted as a guest faculty for Film students of IB Diploma programme at SVKM International School.

I must appreciate her command over the subject matter, her in-depth research on the topic at hand, her crisp analytical skills and her lucid thought process. Most import feature of her classes for me was she could reach out to the age group (16 to 18 year olds) that she was interacting with and motivate and guide them to gain the right perspective while analyzing a film excerpt or a full length film.

I am sure her blog will take us through the nuances of this amazing world of moving images and will be an enlightening experience  for everyone associated with it.

I wish her all the best!



Knock Knock !

Time was very less. 10-1 for 4 days that’s like 12hrs only but I swear to god watching 40hrs of YouTube videos on filmmaking, writing, editing and making 5 films on my own gave me less than this workshop.

Why knock knock?

You see a door and you kind of have an idea about what’s behind that door and you think that’s the truth. Maybe or maybe not. When you knock and when the door opens up you see the whole universe behind that small door instead of some boring room. After this one person comes and pushes you outside and tells you to explore this. How would you feel?

I was standing outside that door making films on my imaginations of what’s behind that door. This workshop knocked the door for me and Oorvazi ma’am pushed me to explore the world of cinema, paintings, literature etc etc.

“An amateur filmmaker to an artist” I am on this journey now.

Thank you so much for these things @Oorvazi Ma’am


‘ Independent SBI Impresario Film Appreciation Course’

Mehul Mehta

Founder, ValueSmith Consulting

(FA course October 2010)

“Enlightening”, “Brilliant”, “A wonderful journey” are some of the words that come to my mind about my experience of attending Film Appreciation Workshop conducted by Oorvazi Irani. It is rare that one’s passion has such a positive rub off to another person’s hobby to turn it into a meaningful persuation. The workshop not just took me through a journey of evolution of cinema, but it also made me familiar with the nuances of what all goes into making of a great artistic expression. It clearly changed the way i looked at movies.

For me, the most interesting part was how some of the great directors in different era challenged the convention and created movies that were and are the source of inspiration to many film makers across the globe. I truly enjoyed some of the movies that were screened during the workshop. Of course, Oorvazi’s guidance too helped in enjoying those films.

I wish the duration of the workshop was longer as three weekend sessions are clearly not enough to turn a novice into someone who can really appreciate this complex vocation. I also wish the duration of “acting appreciation segment” was longer. But then I guess this is not something that can be spoon fed and one has to learn to observe and appreciate on their own.

All I can say, I am so glad I attended this workshop. Thanks Oorvazi.

Neha Sharad

Film,Theatre and TV actress

(FA Course December 2008)

Indian cinema and world cinema is touching different horizons .Its very important to understand the foundation of it ,in the right manner and yes Oorvazi ,you are the best to make a cinema student to give the right approach towards it.

I have my reading ,my knowledge ,many friends with whom we share the old films ,discuss but i strongly feel a work shop with you is a must if some has a sincere approach/desire/passion.

One who thinks he is a cinema viz and one  who has no idea about the history of cinema ,your workshop is must for both.

Thank you for making me a part of it, I learned a lot!!!



Sowrik Datta


(FA Course January 2009)

“I have always loved films – I watched them, enjoyed them and lived them. Though my indulgence with them grew with time but my sensibilities never reached beyond a layman’s entertainment point of view, despite certain amateur attempts.

Things continued so until Oorvazi Irani’s Film Appreciation Course happened, which gave direction and flight to my dormant sensibilities. It might be destiny, Providence or the warmth of a guide called Oorvazi Irani that I got into this course but the truth is it has been one of the biggest influences of my life.

Be it the realism of ‘Bicycle Thieves’, the melancholy of ‘400 blows’, the radicalism of ‘Breathless’ or the fine silences of ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’, the magnum opus sets of ‘Metropolis’ or the haunting frames of ‘Persona’- to name a very few of all that has been a part of this wonderful course, made me realize that films are not merely Commerce or Science or Art but perhaps a curious culmination of all the three and the most vibrant of all.

It is the knowledge foundation provided by the Film Appreciation Course and the mentorship by Oorvazi Irani that today I am a full time filmmaker.”

“Vive La Cinema! Vive La FA course! Vive La Oorvazi!”



Indu Raman

(Independent FA Course March 2009)

(written an essay about the class at the Passion for Cinema website)

I am a writer on classical arts but have recently taken to fiction. I realised that if I wanted to write for cinema I have to equip myself with thorough knowledge about the subject. I came across the ad about Oorvazi Irani’s Film Appreciation Course held on weekends. I joined the classes secretly regretting having to sacrifice my siesta but Oorvazi kept us completely charmed with her lectures. As she puts it, was not a lecture but sharing of information.

We were treated to rare clips of early films, cinema history, World Cinema, discussions on camera technique and the  director’s angle. A session on acting was also included. Every subject was illustrated with visual clips. She gave us copious notes from books we could never hope to get hold of. We asked questions and she had an answer for everything. The cherry on the cake was the wonderful films we got to watch every session. How much persuasion does one need to eat the cake?

Oorvazi came across as friendly and eager to talk about her love and experience in the media. She had such youthful enthusiasm that we never felt she was a teacher and we were students. Every young man or woman aspiring to join the industry must attend these classes. It widens the mental horizon, inspires new ideas and gives an insight into the work of master directors like Akira Kurosawa, Fellini, Ritwik Ghatak, Ray, Truffaut and others like Bimal Roy.

Even after the course was over the students continue to be in touch and are working on a joint project.


Fatema. H. Kagalwala

Assistant Director, writer

(FA Course January 2010)

The workshop opened up a whole new dimension of cinema-watching for me. With its in-depth probing into the history, development, influences, language of cinema, boundaries of its art and craft, the course has changed the way I engage with cinema now. Ms Irani’s unique ability to make complex concepts simple AND interesting, at the same time keeping the sanctity of the process of learning made the experience very enriching for me. My joy of learning was doubly fuelled in her innate joy of teaching.’



Mayank Sohar

Brand Manager –GSK

(FA Course January 2009)

“Truth…what a film maker explores is the truth…” these are the words that come to my mind when I think of Oorvazi and the film appreciation course that I went through.

Oorvazi’s film appreciation course has an amazingly well thought process to help students understand the films. 6 days is too less time for anybody to completely understand the films but, these 6 days empower students with a definite process by which they can embark on their journey to understand films. Well structured thought process supported by screening of great films and then the discussions help students delve deep in the understanding of films.

I have been working in the marketing field since almost 4 years and though finding time for the study of films is sometimes a difficult thing to do but, this course has made sure that I never give up on it. It has for sure strengthened the liking for understanding the film making in detail. Thanks Oorvazi for being such a great influence and miss the highly charged up/ emotional/ passionate discussions on films/ characters/ situations.’



Rachana Parekh

Freelance journalist and writer

(FA Course March 2009)

“It was after years of searching and asking around I found out about Oorvazi Irani’s FA programme and, must say, the wait was worth it. She beautifully took us through the various cinema movements worldwide and made it comprehensible. Often these movements are not on the fore and she through her excellent teaching skills made it possible. Most of these films are beyond the paradigm of entertainment but she ensured they were worth the watch and understanding! Oorvazi, is very approachable and welcomes discussions, which i think is a healthy environ for learning.

About the course; it was hectic but excellent. Initially, the day long class seemed like a task but by day two I was looking forward to this weekend getaway from my real world. I have been pestering Oorvazi to conduct a week-long residential programme as it means more films and discussions and hope it comes true soon. The only missing aspect of the course was Reviewing that has been finally incorporated. :)”



Agastya Kapoor

Animator and aspiring filmmaker

(FA Course April 2009)

Always wanted to know how to appreciate a film but I never knew a way out until I found about Oorvazi ma’am’s Film Appreciation course. The course not only opened my eyes but opened a whole new world for me. Its here that I was introduced to world cinema in detail.

Oorvazi ma’am is the best teacher I got after my college life. She is not only a teacher but also a great friend, philosopher and guide. I attended the course in early 2009 and it has changed my perspective towards cinema now.



Ankit Saxena

Internet Advertising Professional (film blog

(FA Course January 2010)

I had been interested in films as an audience and as a filmmaker for some time now. I have started analyzing films and started noting minor aspects of a film’s treatment. And my views were regarded quite good by my friends and others around me. However, after I joined Oorvazi’s Film Appreciation class, I found myself introduced to a new world altogether. It was Oorvazi who introduced me to the new world of World Cinema. While my take on a particular film was interesting, I found Oorvazi’s take very unique. I had so far focused on the ‘effect’ that a particular scene or element had on me. Oorvazi showed us on how to pay attention to the ’cause’. Grammar of cinema is something that I have never thought much about before I came in contact with Oorvazi. My interactions with Oorvazi have been very fruitful and have added immense value to me.



Shweta Kulkarni


(FA Course November 2009)

Understanding different kind of films is really no easy task…but you took us beautifully through each and every aspect and details that go into making a film that is called a classic. It was an enriching experience and helped me learn and understand cinema better.

In the acting Appreciation class the first thing you made me do, my first thought was why. Why do I have to do it? But latter after experiencing in those 10 – 15 min a completely diff character in myself  it added in me a completely new sense of understanding the process of acting which was completely alien to me.



Rajeev Agrawal

Chartered Accountant by profession and work with a private equity fund of an US bank.

(FA Course June 2009)

I am a avid movie watcher and I see at least 3 movies a week since last 2 to 3 years – nothing gives me more relaxation thn movies…movies are like meditation – they can make u get lost in the world of a maker……so when I heard abt this session and the mere fact that we were gonna c movies and talk abt them excited me…

I land up at Namit Kapoor institute and the whole lane was so filmy with music studios, film production offices, kids attending dance classes, acting classes (that lane was so non existent to me even though I have been to lokhandwalla so many times) – I had never seen so many people aiming and studying acting – to c them enduring their passion was quite an experience…welcome change actually – trust me specially if u have been around places and people who just talk about money making…..

I met some movie buffs including Oorvazi and I realized that I am right at the bottom of knowing anything abt movies and stuff which goes into it…so as the name of the session sounds – it will help u in appreciating the origins of movies (so recently when I saw Raja Harish Chandra I could relate a lot to what Oorvazi told us), the thought process that went into them, introduction to world cinema, the legends of cinema –  I was gasped by the sheer magnitude of efforts which go into it – I never call a movie “flop” or “rubbish”… the sessions are quite long at times (understandably though for people who wanna get into moviezzzz…)- all said and done the best part of the session – my personal favourite time in the session – for which I had gone thr primarily – was to c movies of different kinds – ranging from Indian black & white ones to French/German/Japanese movies and then discuss about them…

So its got something for all – the serious ones (to know what they are getting into) and for people like me, who don’t want to get in the movie bizz but want to c, understand and appreciate movies from a makers perspective too…

Last but not the least – who will love to catch up with Oorvazi…

Couldn’t resist doing this – rating – 4****/5……””



Hridaye Nagpal


(FA Course November 2009)

Very interesting, a lot of facts and bits of information that will prove very useful.



Prashant Shetty

Investment Consultant

(FA Course June 2009)

Already I am pretending like a wannabe world cinema critic, I know I have a long way to go, cinema knowledge is like an ocean and endless

Thanks for making the entry simple to explore the complex



Kinjal Trivedi


As a beginner, the Film Appreciation course was extremely informative.
I did not need any prerequisites which was an advantage.
Having such in depth knowledge about so many facets in film making,
Oorvazi keeps our class attentive. She talks about Lighting, Camera
Angles, Film Criticism as well as world cinema. I wish there were more
days to the classes so we can add more information.



Amborish Roychoudhury

(FA Course January 2010)

Oorvazi’s Weekend Film Appreciation Course is an excellent avenue for, corporate professionals and students who are passionate about films and want to have an indepth understanding of the various aspects of cinema and its history, but have little time to dabble in full time courses. Right from Silent Films to recent breakthroughs in world cinema, it’s a wonderful ride – believe you me, it’s a life-changing experience!



Nadeem Patni

Corporate trainer

(FA Course November 2009)

Everything that we have learnt about movies has taken us altogether on a different level, levels of appreciation and understanding.



Meet Rajdeo

Film student

(FA Course June 2009)

The first day was a bit of a surprise as to the amount of theory we were exposed to on the first day of the weekend, which does not in anyway imply that what was taught was uninteresting or could have been done away with. Its just that I personally expected a lighter class, although European cinema and its eras was one of the best sections covered in this course. It was very interesting how one continent could portray such different colours and shades with the same medium i.e. cinema. Personally I really admire the work of some European and American film makers. The most distinct thing about European film makers was that they took the medium of cinema very seriously and not as an entertaining medium. Not that other film makers didn’t but in my opinion they were the pioneers of the field.  I also liked the professor’s method of explaining the tools of art to elaborate and help further understand the tools used in cinema.



Rajashree Tope

Film and Theatre female Actor

(FA Course April 2009)

Overall experience was very positive. This course has definitely created a desire to know more.

Your friendly nature made a lot of difference and from day one we felt a very close group,



Monica Rabinder

Homemaker and passionate film lover

(FA Course December 2008)

The workshop gave an in depth understanding of various countries, different genres, the reasons and the meaning of shots, camera angles, editing and many more things related to making and understanding of movies. What was also interesting, was the format of the workshop: We could exchange views, understand the timing of the movie (historical significance) and hence its relevance. Another aspect that was striking was the fact that as the workshop proceeded to its end I felt my views had broadened and I have come to appreciate different viewpoints of cinematic expression.



Uday Arur

Business Coach (

(FA Course December 2008)

The course, a good blend of lectures, film watching and discussions was also the right duration. The workshop has helped provide me a fresh new way of looking at, and enjoying all the wonderful films



Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute Film and Acting Appreciation Testimonials


Anushree Shukla

Film student and actor

(FA Course July 2008)

” It was simply superb! I loved it and I actually feel like I’d like to know more about whatever we learnt. I am actually motivated to do my bit of research now. Always had the interest to know more about filmmaking but I was always too lazy to actaully make the effort to read up on the matter. But this course has given me the little push that I needed and I found your course very interesting! I was actually intrigued by the matter and some of the clips you showed me just left me with the feeling of wanting to know more and more. You were very organised, patient and you were making a genuine effort to connect to us. And thanks for answering my questions ! ”



Karishma Mathur

Educator and Actor

(FA Course June 2009)

This is a course that is a must for all – actors, directors, film makers, anyone remotely interested in cinema.

Thank you so very very much for sharing your knowledge with us. It is a gift that means a great deal!!



Akshay Chowdhary


(FA Course November 2009)

Having watched a lot of word cinema, I would like to thank you for introducing us to the cinema of the world. Today after gaining an insight into the cinema of other countries, I have realized the points to observe when it comes to appreciating the Art of Filmmaking.

As an individual wanting to be an actor, Film Orientation has started the process in helping me become a technically sound actor. Today with changes in technology, actors have to know all aspects of filmmaking. I have realized the importance of being a technically sound actor.



Taaha Badusha


(FA Course November 2009)

I loved the acting part of the appreciation class. Very insightful.



Post Graduate Diploma in Film and Television(PGDFT) – Mumbai University course

2009 batch


Irfan Karimi

I am Irfan Karimi from PGDFT and my feedback on your teaching styles is that its the best in terms of making students understand what the matter is or what the subject is. Your friendly approach towards students helps us to feel comfortable even during pressure of completing assignments. I am very thankful to you for the assignment you gave on video dance as we are very happy to do something creative which we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Your way of teaching is distinctive as your interests of teaching us has always been more than us grasping that information. And mam your teaching style is such that you can seize students attention.
Even your practical approach towards the subject helps us understand it better which would otherwise would be boring and difficult. Your small class exercises of dancing waltz n other forms and even today’s exercise of listing wanted and unwanted sounds of nature was quite good and the push up exercise too. I think practicals are more important as they remain intact in our short term memory and not the theories, so if possible in your other 2 remaining lectures we would like to do more such exercises. Because honestly i might not recollect everything what you taught in your both subjects FA and Dance and Music but will definitely remember the practicals.

Overall I can say that I am more than satisfied by both your subjects and your teaching is incredibly good.



Tushar Tawde

When I entered the film making course 8 months back, I had some doubts whether I would gain some quality education. After first few lectures of Oorvazi mam, I knew that I have made the right choice by joining the course.

Thank you mam for your support and sharing your knowledge with us.



Vivek Rao

OK lets not call it a feed back, we owe you more than that. We’ll call it a thanking you note rather. So, this is just a small thanking note back for all your efforts put together to give us quality education. There have been very few teachers who might have taken the pains to be so interactive with students. I hope in future ill have the opportunity to learn from you and hell if I had the opportunity I’d be asking you to teach us every subject we have from now on.


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Some teachers are only good in explaining things, sm are only gud in interacting with students, sm are jst gud in giving assignments to cover our project marks, but you are one of the bestest teacher i have come across. I should salute your dedication and respect you give to the entire system.
If you are looking for some meaningfull coaching and knowledge of film appreciation Mam Oorvazi Irani is the right person to meet. She has her own aura, and positivity when she speaks. I wish i cud attend some more of your lectures.
thank you mam for teaching us…

Comment by Nikhil Sakat

wow ! I am touched . Thanks so much for the kind words Nikhil

Comment by oorvazi

Frm: Naren Walters -Ex.C.O.O Digital Academy-The Film School -Mumbai.
I am gald Oorvazi that you have taken this route to express and communicate , you are no doubt a good teacher and have great skills of communication

Comment by Naren Walters-Ex.C.O.O Digital Academy-The Film School -Mumbai

Dear Walterji,
Thankyou so much for your kind words and support!Deeply Appreciate it and look forward to working together on some big project in the near future 🙂

Comment by oorvazi

I don’t know anyone personally who is so much well read on the subject of ‘Cinema’. Her knowledge and passion in this field is matchless and enlightening…I was fortunate that I attended her first batch of FA course in Dec 2008, and it really helped me a lot in the understanding of this subject.

Her passion, dedication and her own style of teaching is enriching…

The country which boasts of the largest producing films in this world is not able to produce few people like Oorvazi, who has so much depth and understanding on this subject; we need teachers like her…

Her FA course is must for any aspiring film-maker, actor, writer or film lover who wants to know the basics of this industry…

Wishing her Good Luck from Dil Se…

Comment by Chittranjan

What a pleasant surprise!
Wow, how sweet and touching.

I still remember your words on the last day of my 6 day course with you, that I must never stop teaching! Its the encouraging feedback that stimulates me to strive harder.

Comment by oorvazi

Hi ma’am, quite an interesting website you’re put together. Sure looks like an artist’s website (We remember you’d told us that you’re an artist at heart in the first class).

We sure miss your class a lot. Mostly because you’re an awesome teacher and to some extent, you’re the only one who tolerated our nonsense :D.

A word of advice – Please don’t show that Salvador Dali movie on the first day of any new batch that you teach :).

Comment by Digital Academy FM 5 batch

Lovely to hear from you and its nice to feel missed and appreciated 🙂

I usually dont show the Dali film on the first day of a class, don’t worry 🙂

I am happy you experienced the care and special effort I put into making my blog. And do keep visiting it and hoping you will find something interesting as and when you come along !

Comment by oorvazi

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